We do flooring construction from regular tiles, carpets, tile carpets, Tatami mats etc.


Tile Carpets


We recommend you to try our Tile carpets for a change. Tile carpets compared to normal carpets, are easy to assemble and is also one way of keeping the room clean yet fashionable!


Easy to Clean 

Tile Carpets stands up to kids, pets and spills! Now you don`t have to take your heavy carpet to the laundry instead you could just take the dirty part of the tile carpet to clean.


Easy to Assemble

Tile Carpets also have a wide range of designs so you can assemble them in your own fashion!


Lessens Noise

Using Tile Carpets minimizes noise from foot steps so one won`t have to worry about the kids playing upstairs and you can concentrate more at a crowded office. 




Aisin Floor Coating

Harmony and Resistance to Your Floor


AC Floor not only provides your floor a beautiful shade, it is mainly composed of Epoxy Resin giving it a high resistance to damage in a harsh working environment.



  • Chemical Factory
  • Kitchen・Cafeteria/Dining Hall
  • Office・Store
  • Food・Commodity Factory
  • Storage/Warehouse・Distribution Center
  • Laboratory・Experiment Room



  • Keeps your floor clean and undamaged from grease and chemicals
  • Strongly resistant to abrasion, perfect to floors where lifts and working vehicles normally are used
  • Gives your floor moderate hardness that makes it stand to strong impacts
  • Has strong adhesiveness to concrete materials
  • Dust proof: keeps your floor clean from dust and dirt
  • Can be easily and efficiently applied
  • Can be applied to floors that are already stained with oil