LED Lighting


     LED lighting is the most easy and effective item for saving energy. We strongly recommend you changing your mercury lamps to our LED "Neo Venus series".




Why Neo Venus?


Less Energy Consumption


Its electricity consumption is only one-fifth of its equivalent illumination. For instance, "Neo Venus 400" is equal to a 400W illumination but only consumes 77W electricity.




We can provide you the best LED lamp choice from our Neo Venus series depending on the site to be installed or the appropriate brightness needed. Our series can be used in a wide temperature scale from -40to60so it can be set up in different places even inside a freezer.


High Quality


Our Neo Venus 400 uses world class Nichia Corporation Japan made LED chip that is known to be a stable and a high quality illuminant.


Light Weight


Neo Series` Lamps are made up of Magnesium Alloy that makes it light while maintaining durability.


Long Life


Neo Venus Series` lamps are tested to light your houses or offices in an estimated 40,000hours (14years).