Heat Insulating Coating Solution (Cool Therm)


 Cool Therm is an emulsion coating applied to roofs and walls to reduce heat induction.


 It is already broadly used in industrial buildings in Japan for it has a great insulation effect that helps have an efficient air-conditioning system inside the building thererofe saving energy.

Roof Application of Cool Therm
Roof Application of Cool Therm

Why Cool Therm?


NASA`S Technology



Cool Therm is an emulsion insulation coating that contains four types of special fine ceramics developed by NASA. The ceramics in Cool Therm do not conduct any heat, you will not feel any heat even when you burn those ceramics on your hand by a torch burner of 1300℃.


Long Term


Cool Therm is made up of four ceramics that are tightly packed in 200µ therefore providing a great insulation effect. With the help of these non conductive ceramics, the heat radiation will remain effective for many years even after the surface gets dirty and it`s reflectivity goes down.



Temperature Reduction 


Cool Therm greatly reduces the heat absorption from the roof so the room temperature drops after applying it. It is tested to reduce the surface temperature by 25 centigrade and the room temperature by 6-12 centigrade leading to an efficient air-conditioning system and therefore saving energy.