Cauhagan Island Off Grid-System

Cauhagan Sunset
Cauhagan Sunset

We see the sun set and rise everyday.


 It shows itself to us always grand and proud.


How wonderful it would be to have an undying energy source!


One that can light our homes, schools and offices without harming the earth!


One that could cross the mountains and seas and that is meant for everyone.


-Spreading the power of the Sun

OF System Co.






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Off-Grid System in Our Office

A 215w solar module in our office
A 215w solar module in our office

This is a picture of our newly set-up Off-Grid Solar System.


The system consists of a Kyocera 215W solar panel, a charge controler, inverter, timer,converter and a 12V250AH battery.


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Training in Japan

As always OF System Japan provides training to their staff whether it may be for construction training or office work training. It was my chance to meet our Japanese colleagues.


I visited our first Mega Solar Plant in Kakegawa. It took  us 120 minutes drive from the city of Hamamatsu,where our main office is located. The plant had just operated when I got there, I was able to observe the starting of transmission of power from the generating system to the authorized power company.


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